Billy Corgan Shares Excitement For NWA 75, Working With Matt Cardona

NWA owner and "The Simpsons" guest star Billy Corgan is hard at work, getting his company ready for its 75th Anniversary show at the end of the month. As it stands a number of matches have been announced, including a match for Matt Cardona, who will take on a yet-to-be-announced opponent. No matter who Cardona is fighting, Corgan is envious of the former NWA World Champion.


"I wish I was Matt Cardona, he's having his best life," Corgan said on "Insight" with Chris Van Vliet. "Love working with him and he's been a great addition when he's been around. I think his business model of being a free agent has been very smart in this marketplace and I think because he gets the marketplace, both in terms of the brands, ideas, companies, he's been really easy to work with. Anytime he's come in and done business with us it's been fantastic." Corgan recorded the interview in an NWA 73rd Anniversary shirt, noting that he's been too busy planning the 75th Anniversary that he hasn't got a shirt for the event yet.

"It's amazing, NWA 75 ... We're just starting to get the traction in the media on the event, as people realize that it's pretty rare that a company can run 75 years continuously," Corgan gushed. "Obviously a lot of those years weren't the best years but the fact of the matter is it never broke." Corgan says that the ups and downs of the promotion are secondary to the "unbroken" lineage of champions that the NWA has hosted in its three-quarters of a century.