Why Booker T Says The Latest Development In WWE's Bloodline Saga Is 'Spot On'

WWE's Bloodline storyline has been heavily praised for the majority of its three-year run. However, that seemed to change among some fans following the Tribal Combat match at WWE SummerSlam earlier this month once Jimmy Uso prevented Jey Uso from dethroning Roman Reigns.


During the latest episode of "Hall of Fame," Booker T weighed in with why he thinks the storyline is moving in the right direction.

"With this angle right here and these guys being twins, if Jey was to become the Head of the Table, it would definitely put a rift between Jimmy and Jey," Booker T said. "I'd feel like, 'Man, you're bigger than me now. I can feel like I'm losing you.' Maybe the acting didn't come across as [the fans] wanted, but I thought the direction was spot on. And the reason I thought it was spot on was you bought the part where Jey said, 'Jimmy, wait,' and then told him to come back. If you didn't feel that, I get it, but I thought the direction was spot on."

"Maybe you could critique Jimmy's acting," Booker T added. "Just think for one second if Jimmy could've created a real tear come out of his eye within that promo. Good god, man. See, that's what I'm thinking about. So, yeah, I think the acting has to — you could fault one for that. I could see why one would feel a certain way about it when they watched that."


During the August 11 episode of "WWE SmackDown," Jimmy explained that he didn't want Jey to become the Tribal Chief and fall down the same pattern as Reigns. Jey then super-kicked everyone and claimed he was done with WWE.

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