Toni Storm On The Next Stage Of Her Journey In AEW

Throughout her career, Toni Storm has never been afraid of embracing change and adapting her character, and after losing her AEW Women's World Championship she has begun transitioning into a new gimmick. Storm has been showcasing what is next for her, which appears to be Marilyn Monroe-inspired, taking fans on a new journey.


"You just get to join me for the ride and watch me become the biggest star in professional wrestling, if I haven't already," she said to "Daily Star." "I advise you all to tune in and just watch as I continue to become a bigger, and bigger star, and it's going to be wonderful for everyone who's watching because we like violence and there's going to be plenty of it." Despite her recent gimmick change, Storm has remained part of The Outcasts alongside Ruby Soho and Saraya, and she credits them for creating the monster that she is right now.

Those are two bad women, and they've had a hell of a bad influence on me. It's crazy what I've turned into, and it's only going to get crazy and crazier." Storm has dealt with plenty of issues in her personal life, which she has been open about, but those difficulties have also helped her in the long run and now she no longer tolerates any bull, allowing her to focus on herself. "I guess I've just gotten older, I've grown up in this business, and with that, I've gotten stronger and got a lot of experience under my belt," she said. "I ran out of patience for a lot of things, a lot of people."


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