Madusa Explains Why She Didn't Want To Join The NWO In WCW

When Madusa infamously trashed the WWE Women's Championship belt on an episode of "WCW Nitro," it almost seemed inevitable that she would join the nWo, the faction that spearheaded WCW's war against WWE. 


On a recent episode of "The Snake Pit," the WWE Hall of Famer revealed she was actually offered a spot in the stable but turned it down.

"The nWo was great, but I sure as hell didn't want to be a part of it," Madusa said. "I stood my ground and didn't want to be a part of that at all — only because it was a good ol' boys club. If you know me, I'm an individual — I don't mind groups, but if nWo was going to stand for anything, it was going to stand for the new women's organization."

While others in the past have criticized WCW for crowding the nWo with too many members, she maintained that her reason for not joining the stable was rooted in the lack of women representation in the faction. Madusa revealed she was "promised" by Eric Bischoff that there were plans to expand the women's division, something that never took place until WCW's eventual demise in 2001. 


"I was promised that there was going to be a women's roster, a women's title — but we saw where that went," she rued. "It was one and one, Akira Hokuto got it, they wouldn't even give it to me, their own [homegrown talent] ... instead, 'let's just throw her with the men and give her the Cruiserweight title.' So, yes, it was very weird. There was more emphasis on the men because there was just a bunch of men running it."

Madusa, though, denied she harbored any ill feelings against the male-centric WCW roster. "Everyone was cordial. I mean, it was business, and I've always kept my home and business apart."