Edge Addresses Retirement Rumors, Reveals Last Match Of Current WWE Contract

Tomorrow's "WWE SmackDown" will see Edge lace up his boots for his 25th-anniversary match. The bout will see the WWE Hall of Famer face Sheamus in Toronto, Canada, leading many fans and pundits to speculate that it might be his farewell match. Edge has now addressed the retirement rumors in an interview with ET Canada, but fans might not be happy with his answer.

"Here's what I can honestly say, and this isn't the answer that everybody's going to want: I truly don't know. I really, really, can — with 100% truth — say I don't know. That's strange for me... but I don't; I really don't. I've put some thought into it, but not a lot. This is the last match on my current contract. So... I don't know; I honestly don't know. I probably won't know until I get to the locker room that night and decompress, let all the anxiety and tension that I never used to have before I performed, I have now."

According to Edge, he will be 50 years old in October, and performing in the squared circle isn't easy now that he's getting older. The Hall of Famer noted that he currently struggles to perform maneuvers that he used to take for granted. However, he also stated that being a sports entertainer is still the "dream gig," so he has a lot to process before he makes a final decision regarding his retirement.

In 2022, Edge stated that he might retire in 2023 when WWE returns to Toronto. Of course, it's possible that he's had a change of heart since then, and it remains to be seen what his future plans are.