Shelton Benjamin Spells Out His Biggest Regret About The Hurt Business' WWE Run

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight," Shelton Benjamin reflected on his days in The Hurt Business and how special their faction was during the pandemic era.

"The Hurt Business, that will always be something I hold near and dear," Benjamin said. "I consider it one of the greatest factions. I have nothing but love for The Hurt Business."


Benjamin recalled WWE needing people to step up in 2020 as they had a limited roster. The company's outlook was "the show must go on," and he believes that every member of The Hurt Business — himself, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and MVP — all rose to the occasion.

"All of us are extremely proud of what we were able to do, especially during that time when the company really needed something," Benjamin continued. "It came out of nowhere. It was a surprise to all of us, and again, it was such a great time. The biggest regret is that we were never in front of a live audience."

He added, "I think there are more books and novels for The Hurt Business, personally. As all things do, when things fell apart, I know none of us were happy about it. We did everything we could. It was above our pay grade, and our job is to perform. So that's what we do. But we really, really wanted to just have that one time where we could walk out in front of an actual crowd."


WWE opted to split The Hurt Business right before WrestleMania 37 — the first event with a live audience in over a year. The group never fully reformed despite rumblings that it would happen this year with Triple H in charge of WWE creative. Despite that, Benjamin remains in a tag team with Alexander.

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