Shelton Benjamin Assesses Options For Who Should Induct Him Into WWE Hall Of Fame

While he isn't what some would call a shoo-in, Shelton Benjamin has proven himself to be, at worst, a borderline candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame, thanks to reigns as WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champions. And with his career closer to the end than the beginning, Benjamin has begun thinking about what a Hall of Fame induction for him would be like, especially after the possibility was endorsed by WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.


In an appearance on "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Benjamin discussed his Hall of Fame prospects and who he would like to see induct him if it came to pass — a fantasy that he admitted has crossed his mind from time to time.

"I've thought about it," Benjamin said. "I've sat and thought about it a couple of times, me and a couple of the guys when that originally came up, me and some other guys kind of brainstormed. Like, on the list, Kurt, sure. Brock ... I don't know, Brock might F-5 me; you can't trust him with a handshake. Gerald Brisco ... like I said, I go deep with it. Even MVP."

"People that are close to me, that have been with me for forever — those types of guys, I really would consider for that. I will say, if I was to make a decision today, it would probably be Kurt," he stated. "I would love for it to be Kurt. He paved the way for guys like myself, Brock, Gable, and ... yeah. And again, he used his name to introduce me to the world. It would be, for me — it would be an honor if it were him."


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