Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray Agree On Issue AEW Dynamite Production Needs To Address

Last night's "AEW Dynamite" saw a lot of chaotic storylines come to a head, and the hosts of "Busted Open Radio," think the company bit off more than it could chew. "There was certain placement of certain things that I would've switched," Tommy Dreamer began. "It was a lot of show, a lot of stuff happening." Dreamer felt the show felt rushed, and that each segment seemed to pile-on the rushed pacing to the program's detriment. "You also need the professionals you're working with to be able to cut stuff — because I know the show kinda went over," Dreamer continued. "Those are the kinda situations where unfortunately you have to rush." Dreamer says that promoters can come up with the best angle or storyline ever, but reality will usually intercede. "There was so much stuff involved."


The former ECW Champion says there's no hard and fast rule of when to rush things or when to cut things for time, but that professionals in the back need to be able to figure the issue out on the fly. Bully Ray agreed, but thinks that AEW jam-packed this week's "Dynamite" to the point where even one segment running a hair over its allotted time would send the pacing of the show spiraling.

"It is entirely too much information to digest at one time," Bully said of Wednesday's show. "Last night, there was so many segments that looked exactly the same. It was like eat, sleep, run-in, repeat," Bully jested, parodying Paul Heyman's "eat, sleep, conquer, repeat." The former TNA Champion believes that nothing had enough time to breathe, and therefore was unable to make an impression on the audience, but praised the segment between Chris Jericho and Don Callis until the ending.