NJPW's Rocky Romero Names His Single Biggest Dream Opponent From The AEW Roster

Rocky Romero might play a key role in helping set up other dream matches between NJPW and AEW stars as a bridge between the two, but that doesn't mean the Roppongi Vice star doesn't have his own goals. He made it clear to "Busted Open Radio" that he still has the hunger and desire, with a match against Chris Jericho being at the top of his list.


"He's somebody that I would love to work with because that was the generation that inspired me so much," Romero said. "Eddie's [Guerrero] gone unfortunately, I got to wrestle Rey Mysterio, so Jericho in a singles match would be dope for me. That would be like such a big deal for me personally." Romero has been able to develop a working relationship with Jericho over the years due to the former AEW World Champion heading to Japan himself, as well as the Forbidden Door events that have been co-promoted between NJPW and AEW. "Our relationship has developed over the last couple of years," he continued. "To work with him in the ring would be amazing, that would be my guy."

Jericho has been open to working with all talent during his time with AEW, including those from outside the company. He has shared the ring with the likes of Nick Gage and Minoru Suzuki, and will be colliding with Will Ospreay at All In to create another dream match for fans.


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