LuFisto Pens Response To AEW Champ MJF Addressing Comments About Her And Cash Wheeler

Veteran indie wrestler LuFisto has taken serious exception to MJF's response to Cash Wheeler's legal troubles. As reported earlier, MJF defended his former Pinnacle stablemate — who was arrested Friday on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm — by lashing out against online fans for jumping to conclusions and for desecrating the character of Wheeler. MJF went as far as to say that fans who criticized Wheeler for his transgression were showing their "privilege," and didn't show the maturity to sympathize with Wheeler, reminding them that every human is flawed and entitled to mistakes. 


In response to MJF's comments, LuFisto penned a lengthy letter to the AEW World Champion whereby she reminded him of his comments directed at her a few weeks back, implying that he was being a hypocrite by asking others to not jump to conclusions. MJF's comments came in the aftermath of LuFisto shedding light on her negative experiences in AEW's women's locker room, claiming that some women had "too much power" and "trash talked" newcomers in the division. Subsequently, MJF and scores of other AEW stars took to social media to dispel the notion of infighting within AEW's women's roster, with MJF referring to LuFisto as a "miserable" and "delusional" person "spewing reckless lies." LuFisto's letter, which can be read in its entirety below, referenced those tweets from MJF and others, which she claims led to her receiving "death threats" and other harassing comments from users on social media.  


The letter ends with LuFisto wondering why MJF didn't exhibit "the same grace and common courtesy" towards her that he showed towards his friend, Wheeler. "Maybe the next time it happens to someone, you will. Or not. Sorry, not sorry." As of this writing, MJF has yet to respond to LuFisto's statements.