What Matt Hardy Saw Before Brother Jeff's Match At TNA Victory Road 2011

The 2011 TNA Victory Road event is one of the most memorable of all time, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons due to Jeff Hardy being under the influence, which is something Matt Hardy admitted was heartbreaking to see.

"He should've never been allowed to walk out through Gorilla if he was in such a weird state of mind," he said on "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy." "I remember hearing there were people saying that he tried to push his way out [and] he wanted to get out, whatever, and like, he really shouldn't have been allowed to get out there."

It has often been claimed that Hardy couldn't be found backstage before the show, however, Matt revealed he did see his brother around 45 minutes before the main event as he checked on him following his own match that night.

"Then maybe he went off and did his own thing then," he said. "He was fine when I talked to him, but between then and when he went to the ring he had obviously taken more medication, which equated to him not being fine."

It was a situation that Hardy hated to see for Jeff, although he does admit it is all a blur in hindsight. Ultimately Eric Bischoff had to head to the ring to tell Sting and Hardy that they had to go home immediately, which led to the encounter becoming so controversial

"It's like one of those things where your heart drops to your stomach and it's just like, 'uh,'" he said. "It's just so devastating to watch and you just hate it for him so bad. But, it's what's happened and now you have to deal with it."

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