WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Says 'I'm Breaking The Record' Of World Title Wins

While different people recognize differing numbers of World Title reigns, when it comes to WWE the company recognizes both Ric Flair and John Cena as 16-time World Champions, which is more than anybody else in the history of the business. However, breaking that record is a goal that Charlotte Flair has her eye on. 

"The Queen" is currently a 14-time World Champion in WWE and she made it clear to Sports Illustrated she has her sights set on winning more by saying, "I'm breaking the record." 

Flair only needs to win two more titles to draw level with the two men, with a third one leading to her overtaking them. Considering how close she is, it's a record that Flair is confident of being able to break.

"I'm so close. For so long, I stayed away from discussing it. But I've done every single thing there is to do, and this is my next goal," she said. "I want to keep getting better and see where I can take this character."

Breaking the record would be a historic moment in wrestling, and it is something that Cena has spoken about, making it clear he'd like to be there to shake her hand the moment that it happens, which "The Nature Boy" intends on doing as well.

Flair hasn't held gold since losing at WrestleMania 39 to Rhea Ripley, which was followed by a hiatus from the company. However, since returning to WWE, "The Queen" has been immediately back in the title hunt on "WWE SmackDown." Flair tried and failed to capture the title at WWE SummerSlam, but she has remained in the title scene following that point, which showcases that there could be further title runs for her in the not-so-distant future.