WWE World Champion Seth Rollins Discusses The Inspirations For His Attire

Seth Rollins has showcased a wide range of wacky gear over the last few years, and he has revealed that the pandemic played a role in his experimenting with ring attire.

Rollins was recently interviewed by "GQ," where he said that the reason he chose to wear bright and outlandish outfits was to add a little bit of color to the plain surroundings of the ThunderDome arena — WWE's specially-built venue for the pandemic. 

"I looked around and we were in the ThunderDome [WWE's bio-secure bubble during the pandemic] and there were no fans," said the World Heavyweight Champion. "Everything was kind of drab and quiet and soft, and I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to do something different and shake it up."

He noted that the attire is a throwback to what wrestlers wore in the '80s and '90s, which he feels isn't seen much these days. "You've got your Macho Mans and your Ric Flairs and guys like that who are loud and brash — or even your Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Their costumes were bigger and louder and crazier, and I just didn't see that going on anymore," said Rollins. 

The "WWE Raw" star revealed that one of his main inspirations for his WWE outfits is musician Machine Gun Kelly, whose style is "obnoxious" and "hateable," according to Rollins, but credited him for being able to pull it off. Rollins debuted the Visionary gimmick after returning to WWE in January 2021 and began wearing loud, eye-catching gear, which was an important part of his heel persona.

Now a babyface, the World Heavyweight Champion's catchy entrance song and a wide variety of costumes — which his peers seem to love as well — has won over the WWE fans once again.