Why Eric Bischoff Thinks AEW All In Critics Should 'Shut The F*** Up' And Watch The Show

There is no shortage of criticism across pro wrestling these days, and the continued success of All In has opened the door for plenty more of it. Despite the show selling over 80,000 tickets for Wembley Stadium, AEW and Tony Khan in particular have gotten knocked for the build, or lack thereof, on weekly programming to the pay-per-view. But, according to Eric Bischoff on the latest episode of "Strictly Business", some of the slams have been premature and misguided.


"The reason that I'm defending the fact that they didn't promote the show, they didn't promote matches, is because it's the brand that sold 80,000 tickets," Bischoff stated. "It's not CM Punk, it's not Chris Jericho, it's not any of the former WWE talent ... I think that is an amazing accomplishment. What I would love for people to do is just wait and see how this event comes off before you decide it was done improperly," he implored. "I'm really hoping that the audience will shut the f**k up and enjoy the show. If there's a reason to be critical of that show afterwards and it comes off like a glorified house show, I'm gonna be right there picking it apart."

Bischoff has been a frequent critic of AEW since its inception in 2019 but pointed out his own unique ways of promoting back in the 1990s when WCW was at is peak. The former WCW boss also called back to the criticism of Vince McMahon in the early stages of WWF's national expansion and believes there is more than one way to run a pro wrestling company. 


"Things change and when things change, you have to do things differently. Vince McMahon sure did, and look where we are today with a $9.3 million company," he said. 

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