WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Gives Update On Neck Problems, Potential Surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has had his fair share of injuries during his in-ring career. Both a torn bicep and a torn quad befell him back-to-back in 2002 alone. However, the lingering effects of wrestling are seeping further into his post-retirement life, particularly when it comes to his neck


On the latest episode of "Kliq This," Nash revealed that things had gotten so bad that having to go under the knife in order to alleviate some of his issues might have to be an option. "I'm hunting for ... probably a neck surgeon," he shared. 

While Nash's statement may seem grim, it wasn't all that much different from where things stood a month ago when Nash stated he had undergone stem cell treatment in the hopes of avoiding a future surgery. Nash admitted this week that the treatment had shown signs of promise and, despite his earlier claim, stopped short of saying that he would need to have neck fusion surgery.

"It's getting... it just keeps... I talked to the people from Bio Accelerator, and she's saying 'Give it some more time. It's just been a couple of months,'" Nash said. "And I'm like ... my shoulders have gotten way better. Like night and day, my shoulders [have gotten better]. It's just my neck ... I've got the C2 and a C5 that are just ... not good."


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