Deonna Purrazzo Names Her Greatest Highlight During Time With Impact Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo is one of the pillars of Impact Wrestling's Knockouts Division at the moment. A former champion in AAA, Ring of Honor, and Impact, she is a decorated competitor and not even 30 years old. Purrazzo looked back on her meteoric rise in Impact over the course of the past few years and named one moment in particular as a standout. In a new interview with "McGuire On Wrestling," Purrazzo says that Slammiversary 2020, where Purrazzo bested then-champion Jordynne Grace to win her first Knockouts Championship in Impact.


"The match was amazing. To me, it was like the most perfect professional wrestling match I've ever had and ever will have," Purrazzo said. "It's personal for me because prior to coming to Impact, I was just in a really weird space." According to the former champion, she was facing an existential crisis when it came to her career following her release from WWE. Purrazzo had to completely figure herself out and learn about who she was outside of wrestling.

Purrazzo says that she loves being a franchise face of Impact Wrestling for all the perks that come with stardom, but more so for the personal journey that she had to go on to be the person that could handle that responsibility.

Purrazzo is still conflicted about her time in WWE, saying that she's both open and hesitant to ever return to WWE since she and the company parted ways in April 2020, saying that she doesn't want to let WWE re-inflict any mental health damage from which she's already recovered.