AEW World Champion Hikaru Shida Discusses Other Women On The Roster

Hikaru Shida might be currently preparing to defend her AEW Women's World Championship against three of the top stars in the division at Wembley Stadium. But throughout her time in AEW, she has had other epic matches against people not featured at All In. 


During an exclusive conversation with Wrestling Inc., Shida revealed her thoughts on Nyla Rose, who has been her most iconic rival to date.

"We wrestle each other since I was in Japan, and it was always ... there's some surprise, because I know she loves to surprise people, and she always thinks something new in her match, and I really love that," Shida said. "She knows the Japanese style, and your US style, American style, so yeah, I think me and Nyla have some chemistry."

Another star she has competed against is Jamie Hayter, who Shida faced in her first-ever main event for "AEW Dynamite." It's an occasion Shida came up short on, with Hayter retaining the AEW Women's World Championship that day. Despite the loss, it is an encounter that Shida was happy to be part of.


"But [I] went to the ring and face her, I forgot [I was] nervous, and I just felt the joy to wrestle with her. I could concentrate to wrestle ... Like I forgot everything and just concentrate [on] wrestling her," she said. "That moment was so much fun, and I really enjoyed the match. Of course, it was [a] hard match, but still I really enjoyed that, and I could feel that during the match, so that was [a] special moment."

At the upcoming All In pay-per-view, Shida will put her AEW Women's World Championship on the line against Dr. Britt Baker, Toni Storm, and Saraya.