WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan Describes 'Vicious Cycle' Of Prescription Pill Addiction

During a recent interview with "Muscle and Health," WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan opened up about a prescription pill addiction he battled after undergoing numerous surgeries.

"I had doctors writing me prescription after prescription, and all of a sudden, it became a vicious cycle," Hogan said. "I was hitting the pain pills hard because I'd had to endure twenty-five procedures, including ten to my back, facial operations from being kicked, knee and hip replacements and abdominal and shoulder surgeries."

"There was a period of time, about five or six years ago, where I was in crazy pain to the extent I couldn't even function," Hogan stated. "When you have back surgery, it takes a good year for your body to recover, yet they were cutting on me every four months. I needed pain meds at that stage, that's for sure. But once things started to wind down, they continued giving me the same meds. It got to a point where I'd recovered from the tenth back surgery, and the pharmacy would call me and say, 'Your prescription's ready,' and like a dog chasing a bone, I'd go pick it up."

Goodbye Medication, Hello CBD

Fortunately for Hogan, he realized he didn't need the pain medication and decided to turn to CBD for joint and pain relief.

"Then, finally, I just looked at myself and said, 'I'm not in pain. I don't need this. My body hurts from all the wrestling injuries, but I'm not in this excruciating pain that I can't live with.' But then the CBD took me to a place where my joints don't hurt so much when I wake up," Hogan said.

He explained, "When I pick weights up, I don't have to do four or five sets before things start to become clear. I can tell as soon as the CBD hits my system, it calms everything down. The inflammation instantly went away with CBD. Usually, my wrists are swollen like crazy by the end of the day. Now they're fine. I noticed an immediate change as soon as I started on it."

Hogan announced the launch of his CBD product line in May. With all the lifestyle changes he's made, the 70-year-old has lost forty pounds this year.