Amazon Releases Trailer For Cassandro, Based On Lucha Libre Legend

While Sean Durkin's Von Erich family biopic – "The Iron Claw" – has gotten the most buzz across the wrestling community in recent months, Amazon Studios is making the case for some attention for its coming wrestling biopic. "Cassandro," Roger Ross William's film based on the legendary lucha libre exotico Cassandro, dropped its first trailer today ahead of its Prime Video streaming premiere on September 22.


The early look features Cassandro, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, battling it out in the ring, while also dealing with the struggles of playing an exotico character in lucha libre's macho world. The trailer also features Roberta Colindrez as Cassandro's trainer, Sabrina, while also showcasing occasional WWE star Bad Bunny as Felipe and lucha libre legend — and Cassandro's rival — El Hijo del Santo as himself.

A 35-year-veteran, Cassandro initially began his career under the name Mister Romano, a gladiator-inspired rudo gimmick, before adopting the exotico character Rose Salvaje. He would later adopt the Cassandro name upon joining the Universal Wrestling Association in 1989 and went on to become one of the most popular exoticos in lucha libre history — working for UWA, CMLL, AAA, and countless other promotions.


Cassandro had remained active in wrestling until suffering a stroke in early 2021, which has since left him with speech issues and the need of a cane. Despite that, he would make an appearance at TripleMania XXXI: Mexico City earlier this month to promote the film while also being inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame.