Why Booker T Liked Seeing WWE's Trick Williams 'Riding In That Passenger Seat'

Trick Williams is in the midst of breaking out as a singles star on "WWE NXT" after months of backing current "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes. "NXT" commentator Booker T particularly has his eyes on Williams and is looking forward to seeing what he does next.


"Of course, you can only sit in the background for so long," Booker T said on the latest "Hall of Fame" podcast. "Somebody like Trick Williams, you can look at him and — I pretty much talk about that box as far as guys checking off those boxes — and he's six-foot-plus, he's 230-plus. He's athletic, he can talk. He's a handsome dude. Straight out of Central Casting, so he's perfect for the job as far as the guy you want to groom to be put in a certain position."

He added, "But I do like, also, him riding in that passenger seat watching how everything works at the same time because this dude's green. He's just starting his journey, and Carmelo's been out there on the indies working, whatnot. So I like that pairing, but it is time for him to step out, do his own thing, and talk about what I talk about all the time — checks and championships, man. In order to get the checks and championships, you gotta up your game. You gotta have a playbook... But Trick Williams is a guy I got high praise and a lot of high hope for, so we're gonna see how this kid plays out."


The 29-year-old was previously a guest at Booker T's Reality of Wrestling in July. But looking ahead, Williams is slated to face Ilja Dragunov on tonight's special edition of "NXT Heatwave."

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