WWE's Cody Rhodes Opens Up About The Support He Gets From Wife Brandi

Brandi Rhodes may not be currently active in professional wrestling, but during a recent Reddit AMA, Cody Rhodes confirmed that his wife has always been ride or die alongside him and his ambitions in professional wrestling.


"I do not get the chance to stand on this stage without her," Rhodes shared. "Her contributions to wrestling as a whole have been special and when somebody finally writes the book on all this, I can't wait for her to get her flowers."

Brandi has had a vast array of roles during her time in the industry, ranging from a ring announcer in WWE to taking on various backstage responsibilities in AEW. However, she has ultimately always been a huge supporter of her husband, helping to push and support him while he has taken big gambles with his own career. Brandi finished up with WWE originally following Cody's initial exit in 2016, becoming a big part of his overall presentation and character during his post-WWE career. She then opted to leave AEW, too, with her husband as he returned to WWE in 2022. 


Brandi hasn't been used as an on-screen talent in WWE, despite rumors that she had been training at the WWE Performance Center. However, she has been seen in certain settings — such as ringside at WrestleMania 39 and in various documentaries and video packages. She has also admitted to still being open to getting involved in angles down the line, meaning there's still a chance she could return in some capacity to help add to Cody's story from an in-ring perspective.