WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Reflects On Development Of AEW Star Sammy Guevara

Booker T has had a hand in training a number of stars in today's pro wrestling landscape, and recently he got the chance to reconnect with one of his most successful students — Sammy Guevara. While the "Spanish God" has gone on to become one of the pillars of AEW, that doesn't mean he is and stopping developing his craft. 


"He's still sitting under the learning tree," Booker T said on "The Hall Of Fame" podcast. "This weekend for two days straight we sat right next to each other and got the chance to chop it up ... It's amazing, man. He's still that student, man. He's still in my head trying to get that little bit of advice. It's so freaking awesome; it's so awesome to be in that position." 

Outside of picking Booker's brain for more wrestling knowledge, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer was left impressed with Guevara's growth as a person away from the squared circle just as much, and the maturity that he is going through as a person — particularly due to his relationship with Tay Melo.

"I had such a good time with him and his lovely wife; she's with child, he's got a little baby on the way," Booker T said. "It's so freaking awesome, man, to see that kid grow up to be a young man and handling his responsibilities. Unbelievable."


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