WWE's Cody Rhodes On What He'd Like His Legacy To Be After Wrestling Retirement

The Rhodes family name is a historic one in the professional wrestling business due to the careers of Dusty and Dustin, but Cody Rhodes is currently working on establishing his own lasting legacy. During a Reddit Ask Me Anything, the "American Nightmare" revealed exactly what he'd like to leave behind when all is said and done. "[To be] the one in my generation who did the absolute most at moving our game into the stratosphere of mainstream entertainment," he wrote. 


It's something that Rhodes admits he would be very lucky to achieve, but also made it clear that he's had amazing partners and teammates throughout his in-ring career to try and make that happen. "A lot of the "left turns" and big gambles I have taken were for that very purpose," he said. "The healthiest wrestling and sports entertainment have ever been is now. Let's keep going!" Of course, Rhodes is putting together a great in-ring resume, but has certainly taken steps to make his overall aim come true as well. Rhodes famously bet on himself by leaving WWE to work around the world, helping to grow the independent scene in the process. His decision to accept an online bet with Dave Meltzer helped lead to the original All In, which in turn sparked AEW. 


Rhodes' return to WWE was another gamble that appears to have paid off for him personally, now working as a main event star for the company. However, with both AEW and WWE currently thriving and Rhodes playing a key role in both of those factors, there's no doubt he is pushing to achieve the legacy he wants, but that will ultimately be determined by fans.