AEW Referee Bryce Remsburg Details Shaquille O'Neal's Prep For AEW Dynamite Match

As a senior official in AEW, Bryce Remsburg has officiated a number of big matches for the company. But perhaps the biggest, and weirdest, match he's refereed was the March 2021 tag match that saw Jade Cargill and Shaquille O'Neal team up to defeat Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet on "AEW Dynamite." 


Remsberg provided some details regarding the match during an appearance on "Should I Keep This?" – including how everyone, including Shaq, prepared for the bout. According to Remsburg, it didn't take the Hall of Famer all that long to grasp what they were doing.

"I had to go to a wrestling school to rehearse that match," Remsburg said. "Everyone was there. It was like 'Shaq will be here at 9:30.' I was like 'Okay.' So we're all standing around, going over the match, waiting for Shaq to show up. A big, giant pickup rolled up — he drove himself — Shaq walks in, rehearsed the match once, said he got it, and walked out. He was there for 15 minutes. 'Okay, well, this is tomorrow, hope it goes well.'"


Ultimately, in Remsburg's opinion, the match did come off well. He did admit, however, there was one aspect that a family member of his remains confused about. "My nephew still asks if he's still in the ambulance," Remsburg said. "It blows his mind that this giant man somehow disappeared, but he sees him on commercials sometimes and is like 'How did he get on there?!'"

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