WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Shares Premiere Date Of Wrestling Documentary On Peacock

On last night's episode of "WWE Raw," it was announced that Kurt Angle's new documentary will hit Peacock on September 2. Titled "Angle," the film will air on the same day as WWE Payback, which will also be available to watch on the streaming service.


Angle also took to his X platform to promote the upcoming documentary on Tuesday. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that the film will focus on his amateur wrestling career and accomplishments at the 1996 Olympic Games, where he became a gold medalist with a broken freakin' neck.

The documentary was an independent production between Angle and director Alex Perry. However, WWE acquired the documentary last year and proceeded to make some changes, with Angle stating that they added more pro-WWE content to the film. However, for the most part, it will center around his life and career prior to joining the sports entertainment promotion. Perry also spoke about the documentary to Pennsylvania Western University, revealing what inspired him to make the film.


"When I was growing up, Kurt was my favorite WWE superstar," he said. "When I found out that his WWE gimmick was based on his real-life story of his pre-WWE years — specifically, winning a gold medal with a 'broken freakin' neck' — I found that story to be incredibly fertile ground to explore."

Furthermore, the "Raw" advertisement for "Angle" touched on some of the wrestler's personal issues. It remains unknown if those elements existed in the original film or if they were included at the behest of WWE. On top of that, the film will feature interviews with some of Angle's peers and fellow WWE legends, including Ric Flair.