Why Bully Ray Thinks It Might Be A Good Idea For Becky Lynch To Leave WWE For A While

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of Becky Lynch's relationship with the WWE Universe, that is what Bully Ray believes she needs right now after her current feud with Trish Stratus. 


"Sometimes when you run into a situation like that the best thing to do is go away for a little while," he said on "Busted Open Radio" about what Lynch should do next. "I'm not talking about a long time ... She had to leave when she was pregnant, she doesn't have to leave now, but it might be in her best interest to leave."

Whether Lynch does end up going away remains to be seen, but she will be sticking around until WWE Payback, where she is scheduled to face Stratus inside a steel cage. However, it is her current angle with the WWE Hall Of Famer that isn't connecting for Ray, admitting he is lost every time Lynch cuts a promo.

"It's all tip of the iceberg stuff, there's no substance to it, I don't know how you can have a megastar, the likes of Becky Lynch, and just not have anything real for her. You would have thought that this storyline with Trish would've been some of the most real stuff," he said. "You know who Becky needs? She needs the same woman that she's needed from day one — Charlotte [Flair]."


While returning to feud against Charlotte Flair could be one idea for Lynch, she recently teased a return to "WWE NXT" to potentially win the one title she has never held — the "NXT" Women's Championship.

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