WWE Star Kevin Owens Pays Tribute To Terry Funk: 'The Absolute Best Of Us'

WWE star Kevin Owens has penned down a heartfelt tribute remembering the life and legacy of Terry Funk, who died earlier this week at the age of 79

"I don't really come here ever anymore but I had to today to say that Terry Funk was the absolute best of us and that getting to be in the ring with him 10 years ago is and always will be one of the absolute highlights of my career, bar none," Owens wrote on Twitter. "To this day, I still often think back on that night and shake my head in disbelief at the absolute privilege and incredible luck I had to get to be in there with him. The energy and aura that Terry Funk carried with him into the ring that night is something I had never experienced before and have not experienced since, and I've been in there with some pretty crazy names ... I'll never forget it. Terry Funk. Forever."


Owens was referring to his run-in with Funk at a 2CW indie show on May 17, 2013. On that fateful night, Owens and Funk battled in the ring and later through the crowd, much to the delight of fans in Gloversville, New York, who witnessed a brawl for the ages.

While Owens and Funk didn't officially wrestle a match, they were in the corners of Jason Axe and Spike Dudley, respectively, and trash-talked each other in the lead-up to the bout. In fact, Funk released a video via YouTube where he promised to show up at the event in Gloversville to confront Owens, who had been calling out the legendary wrestler via Twitter and other platforms.


Besides Owens, scores of other current and former wrestlers took to Twitter this week to pay tribute to the iconic Funk.