Edge Addresses Rumors Of Troubled Contract Negotiations With WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has shared a video on his X account in which he addresses some of the rumors pertaining to his current WWE contract situation. It was recently reported that both parties had reached a stalemate in regard to an extension, but that doesn't appear to be the case. According to the veteran, there are no hard feelings between him and WWE, and he still loves the promotion, describing it as the "dream cake."


"I didn't come at them with some crazy contract or anything. They didn't deny me. I have a contract extension sitting in my inbox. I just don't know what to do. The first time I had to retire, it was forced. This time, the choice is in my lap and it's a lot harder.

Edge went on to say that his match against Sheamus on last week's episode of "WWE SmackDown" is the highlight of his career. He described it as a special night and he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to top it, so he needs time to process the experience and think about his next move.

There have also been rumors of Edge joining AEW after his current WWE contract expires. He didn't mention Tony Khan's promotion in the video, but he did share some news about his future plans.


"Just know that whatever it is that I do, whether it's Percy Jackson — which is coming up soon — or it's wrestling or it's sitting in my rocking chair, it's because I'm having fun. And having fun at this stage of my life and raising my kids are the two most important things. So I hope that clears stuff up."