WWE Star Becky Lynch Speculates On Trish Stratus' Motivation To Attack Her

Trish Stratus has snapped, leading to an unwieldy feud with Becky Lynch, and Lynch thinks that the recent attacks from the WWE Hall of Famer are a desperate cry for help from a fading star. "I think it's just an insecurity," Lynch told "The Bump." "I think when it comes to Trish Stratus, she's so scared that time is passing her by."  Lynch says that the WWE women's division is progressing so fast that Stratus is feeling left behind, and that her place as WWE's greatest female talent is being called into question by more recent performers.


"She doesn't want to be forgotten by history," Lynch explained, noting that "The Man" has made enough of a name for herself to call Stratus's status into question, despite WWE recently ranking Stratus as the #1 woman in the history of the company, with Lynch ranked #3. "I think when she saw herself [listed as #1] and me as #3, she knew she was a fraud," Lynch theorized. "I think there is an imposter syndrome there. She knew that she didn't deserve to be #1." Lynch says that today's female superstars have struggled just as much as Stratus did, and that the current crop of talent is simply getting better every day, not as a vendetta, but simply as a fact of life.

"I have been in this business for longer than she ever stayed in this business. I've done more than she has," Lynch said. "She got what she could take out of this business and she bolted, she left." Lynch says that she has no intentions of leaving wrestling, even if she's not at the pinnacle of the division, out of love for the business. "I love this," Lynch professed. "It is in my blood, the WWE Universe, the people, the fans." The multi-time Women's Champion says she hopes to stick with the business as long as she can, pushing it to get better.