Impact's Jonathan Gresham Says AEW Star Is The One Person Left He Wants To Wrestle

Jonathan Gresham is one of the most technically sound wrestlers working today, which leads to fans speculating about potential dream matches between him and others with similar abilities. One of those is against Bryan Danielson, who Gresham called the one guy left in the business he wants to face, as they have never shared the ring. "I don't know, give me 30 minutes, maybe an hour, two out of three falls," he told "Better Than Broadway." "We wouldn't go the hour though."


Gresham shared a locker room with the "American Dragon" for a brief period when he worked for AEW, and he admitted that he thinks a match between them would have happened had he not departed the company. However, that isn't the only time he had a close encounter with Danielson that almost led to a technical dream match.

"There was talk from the office at the old Ring Of Honor because I think at the time I don't think [Danielson] was signed anywhere. I think they were trying to get him to come in and do some stuff in Ring Of Honor around the time I had just lost the Pure title or something. Because a lot of the guys were coming to us like, 'Oh man, they're talking to Danielson right now,'" he said. "So I think it definitely would have happened, right now who knows if it will ever happen."


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