Jonathan Gresham Talks Keeping Technical Wrestling Alive, Changing Attention Spans

Jonathan Gresham is one of today's generation of wrestlers who are working hard to keep technical wrestling alive in the eyes of fans. Appearing on a recent "K&S WrestleFest" livestream alongside his wife, Jordynne Grace, Gresham discussed his technical wrestling style, and how he has managed to make it fit in line with modern viewing habits.


"I feel like there's a big lack of technical wrestlers — a lot of lost movements," Gresham said, citing techniques from Lucha Libre and English wrestling. Gresham was then asked his thoughts on modern matches feeling overly choreographed.

"I think that's just the evolution of wrestling," Gresham continued. "Attention spans have changed, you know what I mean? A lot of people that watch wrestling now don't know what you grew up watching, or what I grew up watching, so they have nothing to ... compare it against." The former Ring of Honor World Champion stated that it's up to him and wrestlers like him to show fans that there are also other styles of wrestling that are worth enjoying.

Gresham's immediate future is in Impact Wrestling, where he recently challenged for the X-Division Championship at the Rebellion pay-per-view. Though he was unsuccessful, Gresham will undoubtedly continue pursuing his first championship in Impact in the weeks and months ahead.


Last year, Gresham was meant to be a part of the recently revitalized Ring of Honor roster, but a series of disagreements and miscommunications with Tony Khan led to Gresham walking out. Gresham recently detailed the interactions, stating that he became frustrated and acted unprofessionally, walking out following his Ring of Honor Championship match against Claudio Castagnoli.