Why Konnan Says His Boss Wants More Of AEW's QT Marshall In AAA

QT Marshall has hardly been positioned as a title threat during his time in AEW, but his recent excursions to AAA have brought him the Latin American Championship and, as a result, the Mexican promotion is already keen to have him more of him in the future. 


"I thought the QT match was really good and I'll tell you why," Konnan said on "Keepin' It 100." "Because it's very rare that my boss comes up to me and says, 'Hey I want that guy back,' and he came back right after the match and he goes, 'Can we have QT back?' So he looked really good." 

Marshall has often received heat from wrestling fans, yet still hasn't been held in high regard as evidenced by someone claiming to Konnan that Marshall was a jobber. However, Konnan was quick to point out that such a position isn't the case around the world, as Marshall's AAA feud against Penta El Zero Miedo brought about AAA's first-ever ambulance match.

"He's not a jobber here. If you're a jobber there, he has to be a jobber here? Do you know how many people know who QT Marshall is in Mexico? Only the hardcore fans," Konnan said. "Right now every casual fan is like, 'This is the guy that won the Latin America title and beat Pentagon? And he got heat on his first match in there.'"


Whether Marshall will continue working for AAA regularly remains to be seen, but AEW does have a working relationship with the promotion; a variety of talent have already made the trip to compete in a AAA ring. Marshall also previously revealed that Tony Khan believes it is good for him to possibly turn the Twitter fans by showing what he's capable of — a potential positive sign for his future with AAA.

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