Booker T On Windham Rotunda's 'Generational' Mind For Wrestling, Bray Wyatt Character

Tributes to the late Windham Rotunda, known to WWE fans as Bray Wyatt, have poured in since his untimely death on Thursday at the age of 36, and Booker T is also remembering the star fondly.

Booker T and his co-host, Brad Gilmore, received the news of Rotunda's passing while on the air during the latest episode of "The Hall of Fame" on Thursday. An obviously shaken Booker T said fans are not going to hear any bad words about Rotunda, a man the two-time WWE Hall of Famer said he knew well.

"I sat and I talked with that kid many, many a times and he seemed well grounded, someone who knew exactly what he wanted, someone who had direction and purpose, and then we wake up, 36-years-old and he's not here," Booker T said.

He also said finding out about Rotunda's passing is why he always says to hug those you love a little tighter, because "no one is promised tomorrow."

Rotunda had a 'generational' way of thinking

A fan asked Booker T and Gilmore if they would put Rotunda on their "Mount Rushmore" of the most creative characters in the wrestling business. The hosts both agreed that Rotunda's Bray Wyatt is well deserving of the honor.

"Not too many characters that live up to the billing of what Bray Wyatt tried to create. He definitely was like ... generational as far as his thinking went and for his trying to take this game to a totally different place, a place it had never seen before," Booker T said. "As far as characters go, you've definitely got to put Bray Wyatt up there, because he was that different."

After news of Rotunda's passing broke Thursday night, it was reported Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown" will feature a "significant tribute element" to the star. WWE also announced proceeds from Wyatt's merchandise sold on the WWE Shop website will benefit his widow and children.

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