Tony Khan Trusts AEW Star To Handle Things If He's Unable To Book A Show

While it's known he has assistance with booking, Tony Khan is All Elite Wrestling's Head of Creative and takes great pride in putting on the best shows he can every week. Therefore, the idea of anyone else taking control of such a key responsibility seems inconceivable. Nevertheless, while speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, AEW's founder and co-owner revealed that he has actually discussed this very topic with his father, Shad, confirming there is a current AEW wrestler that he believes could replace him if the situation called for it.


"He hasn't been around as much lately, because he's been recovering from an injury," Khan stated. "But if I got hit by a bus, or if I was ever incapacitated for some reason, the person I told my father that he should turn to is Bryan Danielson."

It's previously been reported that Danielson has been part of AEW's creative team for the past few months, and prior to that, he worked as part of the "SmackDown" creative team under Vince McMahon. However, while it isn't public knowledge which storylines he was involved in, it is understood he pushed for Blackpool Combat Club teammate Claudio Castagnoli, then known as Cesaro, to have a more prominent role on WWE television.