WWE's Cody Rhodes Explains Why He Wears Suits, Acknowledges Detractors

"WrestleMania" main eventer Cody Rhodes is as well known in pro wrestling as anybody for dressing smartly and wearing suits, with his distinctive look being a massive part of his wrestling persona. Now, during an appearance on WWE's "After The Bell" podcast, he would discuss this passion for dressing up, which started when he first departed the company to work the independent circuit in 2016. Surprisingly, though, he would reveal that not everyone was a fan of his fashion choices, and he was advised at one point against dressing in this manner.


"I had someone once tell me, and this was very dumb, this person, they're not dumb who told me, but the statement was dumb that I shouldn't wear suits," Cody revealed. "It intimidates people. So I thought, okay, well, maybe I'll get sweats and, like, a black sleeveless hoodie. I like sleeveless hoodies. I got a good biceps, so that'll work for me."

Rhodes would go on to add, "I've always had different outlooks on, you know, the classic quote of dress for the job you want, not the job you have. But I think in the beginning, admittedly the beginning, because I started wearing suits everywhere, every day when I left WWE in 2015, and when I went on the independent scene, and I'd be wearing a suit, and that, on an independent level, was very different, and a lot of people hadn't seen that. And it was a gimmick. I think, if I can use that word, it was a gimmick."



Rhodes continued, "Somewhere around that period, though, it was fully in my bones, it was no longer a gimmick. I loved it. I loved the culture of fashion at a wrestling event, and it may be my visits to New Japan, where you see Okada showing up to the building in a Ferrari, immaculate suit, immaculate tailored suit. I really appreciated how, as sports figures, I know it's sports entertainment, but as sports figures, they weren't trying to be slouchers. They were trying to be on an NBA level of fashion, an NBA and NFL draft level. And I've just always loved that it's no longer a gimmick. That's all that's in the closet."


38-year-old Rhodes recently concluded a three-match program with Brock Lesnar, which saw him defeat the former WWE and Universal Champion twice, establishing himself as the company's top babyface. Most recently, he has been working house show matches with Damian Priest. However, as of writing, he has no match announced for WWE's upcoming "Payback" premium live event; he is though currently scheduled to appear alongside Grayson Waller as a guest on "The Grayson Waller Effect" during the show.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "After The Bell" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.