HOOK Regains FTW Championship From Jack Perry On AEW All In Pre-Show

While Jack Perry was insistent on retiring the FTW Championship on Saturday's episode of "AEW Collision," HOOK had other plans, proclaiming that he'd challenge Perry for the title at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium. During the All In Zero Hour pre-show, Perry then defended the FTW Championship in an FTW Rules match.


Perry, of course, arrived in style, riding out to the stage in a black limousine. After showing off his FTW Championship, though, chaos quickly ensued as the two traded strikes around and on top of the limo, which led to HOOK suplexing Perry through the vehicle's front window.

Eventually, the two competitors made their way to the wrestling ring, opening the door for Perry to shift the momentum into his favor. As HOOK later laid in the center of the ring, Perry placed a trash can on top of him, and ascended to the top of the corner turnbuckle. Upon his descent via Moonsault, HOOK wisely rolled out of the way and nailed Perry with a lariat, followed by a trashcan to Perry's head.

In the end, it was HOOK who emerged victorious by submission after locking Perry into the Redrum. With this win, HOOK becomes a two-time FTW Champion.