Tommy Dreamer Laments Not Talking To Windham Rotunda About Bray Wyatt Movie He Wrote

Tommy Dreamer was inspired by former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, but now that the wrestler has tragically died at the age of 36, he can never bring his idea to life.

"I wrote probably in 2016/17, I wrote down and I finished it and I was gonna do it," Dreamer said on "Busted Open Radio" recently. "I wrote a complete movie called Wyatt, and it was the story of how the Wyatt's got together." Dreamer said that he put the script together when Bray was released from WWE in 2020. Dreamer says he never spoke with Wyatt about the script and regrets that now he never will.


"I don't have regrets. Life is too short," Dreamer says. "If you're hesitant on doing something for some reason, don't be because we're not guaranteed tomorrow." Dreamer says his mother went to her grave with anger towards other people, while Dreamer believes he needs to say as much as he can while he's alive, both good and ill. "We're all connected, we're all the same. A 36-year-old man should not be thinking about mortality." Dreamer advocates using one's platform for good.

Wyatt died on Thursday at the age of 36 after a heart condition that was aggravated by COVID and caused a heart attack. He left behind a fiancee and four children. This week also saw the passing of wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk, who passed away at the age of 79 on Wednesday, making it an especially tough week for wrestlers and wrestling fans throughout the business.