MJF And Tony Khan Comment On Possibility Of AEW Running Shows In Mexico

AEW's success in their first-ever show outside of North America this past Sunday at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London has led to plenty of interest in the company from across the globe. In the main event bout, MJF retained his AEW World title against his 'brochacho' Adam Cole in a dramatic affair, before the pair hugged it out to a raucous ovation. 


The ticket sales and aura surrounding the pay-per-view could also open the door for other countries to host major AEW shows, with MJF putting pressure on Tony Khan to enter a new market soon.

"I'm just gonna say this right now -– I want to go to Aztec Stadium so f*****g bad," MJF said in the post-show press conference. "It's not up to me, but you can fit a whole lot of people in Aztec Stadium. I'm gonna let him [Khan] take that question and I'm gonna hope I peer-pressured the f**k out of him into saying maybe or yes."

AEW has thus far only worked shows in the United States, Canada, and England, but fans from a long list of nations across the globe have expressed interest in attending the growing promotion. However, the potential to run an event at the Aztec Stadium — which can hold up to 90,000 people and will host FIFA World Cup matches in 2026 — is not lost on the president and CEO of the company.


"I think that's a great venue and there are so many great venues and that is a great idea ... it's definitely something to consider," Khan said. "That's absolutely something that we would like to do under the right circumstances, we have some great partners in lucha libre and that's a really exciting idea."

Last year, Khan said he would be interested in hosting an AEW show in Japan, which he said is a great market for the promotion.