More Details Reported On CM Punk And Jack Perry's Altercation At AEW All In

It would not be a major AEW event in late August/early September without some sort of controversy involving CM Punk. And that was the case again yesterday at AEW All In, where an altercation between Punk and Jack Perry took place following Perry's match against Hook. Various versions of what transpired emerged soon after, but most of the stories state that both Punk and Perry eventually left the building. Now a day later, another version of the story has emerged. 

Haus of Wrestling reports that the incident occurred as Punk was approached by Perry, returning from his match with Hook, in the Gorilla position, as Punk prepared for his match with Samoa Joe. Punk is said to have initiated the verbal exchange between him and Perry, which then escalated until Perry told Punk to "do something about it."

This prompted Punk to shove Perry, leading to the former putting the latter in what has been described as "a chokehold" in order to neutralize the situation. It is said no punches were thrown, and as seen, Punk worked his match with Joe as expected before being escorted by security backstage. Contrary to other reports saying Punk was escorted out of Wembley Stadium by security, he is said to have offered to leave the building and ultimately did after everyone agreed that it was the best option.

The "Real" AEW World Champion reportedly returned to his hotel afterward and later ordered food from Nandos for both himself and several other AEW talents he met with after the show. Since then, there hasn't been much communication between AEW and Punk, leaving things uncertain heading into All Out week, which will take place in Punk's hometown of Chicago, Illinois.