Eric Bischoff Believes Best Of MJF Is Yet To Come, Impressed By AEW All In Main Event

Eric Bischoff has been open about his admiration for MJF in the past, and his performance in the main event at AEW All In against Adam Cole has only solidified his appreciation for the performer. On the latest episode of "83 Weeks," the WWE Hall of Famer said that he was impressed with the match as a whole, but MJF's performance really struck a chord with him. Furthermore, he believes that MJF's career is only getting started in terms of how far he can go.


"We're still not seeing the best of MJF yet. That's still to come," Bischoff said. "He's still a child as far as his career, he's got so much more to give, and to grow, and to learn, to experience along the way. That's only going to make him better every time he comes through the curtain."

Bischoff made it clear that he's impressed by MJF's growth as a performer thus far. However, he had even more superlatives to share about the current AEW World Champion and his value to the company as a whole. Furthermore, he enjoyed the outcome of All In's main event. 

"He's the most valuable person in that company, in my opinion, and is only going to get more valuable," he added. "Adam Cole did a great job. I want to know who laid this match out; more importantly or specifically, I want to know who came up with this finish... This finish and the drama that ensued in the execution of it, made this match stand out so far and above anything else in terms of structure."


The main event at All In saw MJF retain the AEW World Championship against Cole. The same pay-per-view also saw them win the ROH World Tag Team Titles from Aussie Open's Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis.

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