The Creed Brothers Defeat The Dyad In Steel Cage, Win Back Their Jobs On WWE NXT

The Creed Brothers have been reinstated to "WWE NXT" after defeating The Dyad in a steel cage match to kick off Tuesday night's episode. Last week on the show, Julius and Brutus Creed kidnapped Ava, of the Schism, and demanded the match after previously losing to Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid in a "Loser Leaves NXT" match in July. Joe Gacy, Fowler, and Reid agreed to the Creeds' terms to get Ava back, and the match was set for this week.


"NXT" kicked off with the Dyad in the ring, with Gacy and Ava at ringside. The other masked members of the Scism jumped Brutus at the beginning of the match and carried him backstage when Julius was already in the cage. Gacy closed and locked the cage, turning the match into a handicapped bout. Julius was able to hold his own against the Dyad through a picture-in-picture break, and when the broadcast returned, Brutus stormed out from backstage, knocking down Schism members and fighting his way back to the cage. Gacy taunted the star with the key, and Brutus chased him and Ava around the ring.

Brutus finally ripped the cage door off its hinges to enter the ring to "holy s***" chants from the audience in the Performance Center. A brutal, physical match with all members of both teams ensued, with the door of the cage coming in to play multiple times. The match ended when the Creed Brothers drilled Fowlers and Reid with sliding forearm strikes, pinning them both. After the match, the now-reinstated Creeds reunited with their Diamond Mine stablemate Ivy Nile in the ring.