A Heated Eddy Thorpe Has A Message For WWE NXT Rival Dijak

The brutal encounter between Eddy Thorpe and Dijak on last night's "WWE NXT" ended in controversy, after the latter wrapped a belt around his fist and knocked Thorpe in the face before delivering a Spinning Boot Kick for the pinfall victory. Prior to the match, Dijak jumped Thorpe during his entrance to gain an early advantage, and subsequently used the steel steps to soften up his opponent. At various points, both competitors attempted to use foreign objects — specifically Dijak's belt and a steel chair — to gain the upper hand, but couldn't do so in the presence of a referee, until Dijak capitalized on the only moment the official was distracted. 


After the match, an irate Thorpe vented his frustrations in the backstage area, noting that Dijak had to similarly resort to underhanded tactics when they last wrestled. On that night, too, Dijak used the ring post to soften up Thorpe before delivering his finisher for the win. "I knew it! I was ready, I was on your ass from the get-go tonight," Thorpe said addressing Dijak. "You know what else I know? You can't beat me without a little extra something. The first time, it was the ring post. Then, on the entrance — you want a jumpstart. Then, you had to bring out your belt."


"I don't know how, when, or where we're gonna settle this, but Dijak, you need to know [that] you're not done with Eddy Thorpe, because Eddy Thorpe isn't done with you." With Dijak claiming a 2-0 lead over Thorpe in their ongoing rivalry, one can assume that the rubber match will take place in the near future, possibly at the upcoming "NXT" No Mercy premium live event on September 30.