Wrestling Legend Kevin Sullivan Thinks He Knows Where WWE WrestleMania 41 Will Be

During a recent episode of "Tuesday With The Taskmaster," Kevin Sullivan made a bold prediction for WWE WrestleMania 41 following the success of AEW All In London.

"I'm gonna go out on a real big limb here," Sullivan said. "WrestleMania 41 will be there [at Wembley Stadium]. This is a walk and you let them capture that country? Maybe [AEW] going in April would slow that thing down."


Regarding the historic event itself, Sullivan had high praise for the card, including the opening and closing matches.

"I thought that card was the best-booked card they ever had on," Sullivan stated. "I didn't really pay much attention to the pre-show because I knew the result, that there was no turn, but putting Samoa Joe and Punk on first, that's a way to start a big show. You got the people off their a**, two of the most vested guys in the business, hard-hitting match."

He added, "I thought the finish to MJF's match, it was a great, great swerve. Everybody thought one of them was going to turn. And one of the things that really caught my attention because he goes as the devil now, right? The devil's in the details. When he slipped that ring on, the whole building thought, 'Here it comes.' Then he took it off. As well as The Bloodline story is, and I think it's the best storyline I've ever seen, even better than the NWO... they could run this like The Bloodline, not bringing relatives in. A story like this and come back in next August with the return match and do something there to pop them."


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