Shinsuke Nakamura Plans To Show Everyone What He 'Should Be' At WWE Payback

This Sunday, Shinsuke Nakamura has his turn at winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, challenging Seth Rollins for the gold at WWE Payback. Nakamura stopped by "The Bump" to discuss the match and was asked what he was looking to accomplish in this match with Rollins, aside from the obvious.

"That's simple," Nakamura said. "I'll show what I should be here in WWE. The real 'King of Strong Style,' Shinsuke Nakamura."

Nakamura received the title match after he attacked Rollins following trios action. But he wasn't all that concerned when asked if he expected fans to turn on him. "I don't think so," Nakamura said. "They'll be happy, because they want to see something different. I'm going to change something. I believe people want me to change the world."

Prior to his assault on Rollins, Nakamura had been battling both Bronson Reed and Tommaso Ciampa for weeks on "WWE Raw." Now, he feels those issues wound up being a positive for him. "It's all love, it's all love," Nakamura said. "I had to find my way back to where I belong. On top of WWE."

Nakamura, who has never won a World TItle at any point in his seven years with WWE, also discussed what a victory would do for his legacy. More appropriately, he's thinking what a result will do beyond just that. "It's not only my legacy," Nakamura said. "I believe it's the legacy of all Japanese. Also, it is my destiny. Let's have fun, Seth."

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