Why Jim Ross Says Will Ospreay Would Be A 'Great Addition To AEW Roster

Will Ospreay's contract with NJPW is due to expire in January, and on "Grilling JR," Jim Ross said that AEW would be lucky to have the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion in the locker room. "[Ospreay] adds a lot of quality depth to your roster," Ross exclaimed, "and he's just getting into his wheelhouse, his groove, at that age, experience, so he'd be a great addition if we got the opportunity to sign him up because he can work with anybody." Ross says that Ospreay is good in both babyface and heel roles, and his innovative offense adds tremendous value in the WWE Hall of Famer's eyes.


"He's very creative," Ross continued. "He's not afraid to take bumps. He's not afraid of contact." Ross also believes that it was impressive how well Chris Jericho stayed in step with the significantly younger Ospreay at All In. "It was a really good match. Loved it."

Ospreay is currently the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, which Ospreay has dubbed the "IWGP United Kingdom Championship" and covered in the Union Jack. The United Empire founder's appearance at All In was a full-circle moment for the British star. AEW co-founder Cody Rhodes is said to have asked Ospreay why the popular wrestler wasn't involved in the original All In, with Ospreay replying that he wasn't there because no one approached him about appearing. Ospreay has had a tremendous year, not only besting Jericho at All In, but also getting wins against the likes of Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada. and Hiroshi Tanahashi over the course of 2023, and even wrestled former world champion Shingo Takagi on the night before the historic event at Wembley Stadium.