John Cena Teases That His Last WWE Match Is Coming 'Soon'

John Cena may have just started a two-month run with WWE, but he's already teasing his final match. WWE released an interview with Cena on YouTube following his return on Friday (hat tip to for their transcription of his quotes). Cena, soon to be 47, mentioned his age and how he's been with the company for two decades. He reiterated what he said in the ring during "WWE SmackDown," about wanting to thank the fans every time he steps in the ring going forward.


"As I said out there in the ring, the last one is not tonight, but I know it's soon. To speak candidly, when you're involved in this every day in a full-time capacity, you just think about what's next. You can't help but think about what's next. The WWE Universe being gracious to invite me and allow me back to be part of this family. For the last two or three years, I've been able to focus on what's now," Cena said. "I never miss any of those wonderful moments in the ring. I know it may sound repetitive, but so is me saying, 'Never give up,' and I never mind saying that."

WWE's plans for Cena's current run have not yet been revealed, but it was previously reported that if the Hollywood writer's strike ends, any storylines with Cena would wrap up and he would return to his outside projects. Cena will be the host of the Payback event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tonight.