Rhea Ripley Retains World Women's Title Against Raquel Rodriguez At WWE Payback

In a match initially rumored to be on the SummerSlam card in August, Rhea Ripley retained her Women's World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez at WWE Payback, even after interfering on behalf of Judgment Day and sending Kevin Owens through the barricade in Damian Priest and Finn Balor's victory earlier in the night.


Ripley dominated the first portion of the match, putting Rodriguez in submission holds targeting her previously injured (at the hands of Ripley backstage weeks ago) knee. Rodriguez looked to turn things around and threw Ripley off of her. She was able to counter a Riptide by the champion and got Ripley up for a powerbomb, but Ripley shifted her balance to counter the move.

Ripley once again went for Rodriguez's knee with a submission hold, but the challenger was able to free herself and go on the offensive with the kind of brutality usually seen from the champion. Rodriguez slammed Ripley into the barricade and ring post. After being sent through a table by Owens during the Tag Team Championship match when he interfered, Dominik Mysterio stumbled out to the ring to help Ripley. Rodriguez hit a running slam on Mysterio, but he distracted her enough for Ripley to once again hit her in the injured knee and successfully hit a Riptide to retain the Women's World Championship.