Powerhouse Hobbs Gets Help From Several Mentors In The AEW Locker Room

There have often been complaints about younger talent in AEW not making the most of the veterans when it comes to getting advice and learning, but that isn't the case for Powerhouse Hobbs. The former AEW TNT Champion named Billy Gunn as his biggest mentor when speaking to "Under The Ring," showcasing that he wants to make the most of those available to him.


"There's been times when Billy Gunn has pulled me aside and like, 'What the hell are you doing,'" Hobbs said. "Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, I definitely get help from all the vets in the locker room, with this company I have the relationship to go up to anyone and ask them for help."

Hobbs also praised Mark Henry for the help that he has personally provided him, labeling the WWE Hall Of Famer his wrestling dad. Henry himself has admitted that he does work as a coach behind the scenes helping talent to develop their characters, and clearly, that is something that Hobbs has been tapping into during his time with the company.

"For me personally he's a big man, he knows what I should do and what I shouldn't do and what can't work and what will work," Hobbs said. "He knows the struggles that some of us face in this business, so he's definitely relatable. He can say things to me and know what I am thinking before I even spit it out."


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