WBD Reportedly Interested In More AEW PPVs

Just a week ago, All Elite Wrestling held one of its biggest pay-per-views to date — All In at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Today, the company is hosting another pay-per-view event, All Out in Chicago. In the latest from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it seems that Warner Bros Discovery is interested in more events from the company. 


WBD "suggested" more PPVs as has AEW CEO Tony Khan who mentioned in an interview that every company that expanded their number of pay-per-view events, never regretted their decision to do so. Per the report, while Khan was promoting All In on CNBC, he "hinted that MAX was going to be a partner" and he also mentioned that Warner Bros Discovery has the exclusive streaming rights for All Elite Wrestling in the United States. 

In October, MAX is going to begin streaming live sports, so who knows how long it'll be before fans can watch AEW shows via the streaming service or if it'll ever actually happen. WWE, of course, has Peacock for fans to livestream their premium live events (their latest one was this past Saturday, Payback), while before that, the company had its own streaming service, the WWE Network.


After tonight's All Out pay-per-view, AEW's next event is something new for the company and it's called WrestleDream. WrestleDream is going to be taking place in Seattle, Washington, on October 1. Khan released the information during the All In post-media scrum, noting that he wants to work with New Japan Pro-Wrestling because the event was created to honor Antonio Inoki.