Lance Storm Doesn't See His Wrestling School Reopening Its Doors Again

The Storm Wrestling Academy helped kickstart the careers of many top stars in wrestling, from Tyler Breeze and Taya Valkyrie to Chelsea Green to Peyton Royce. However, Lance Storm made the decision to close it down at the end of 2019, and he admitted to "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" that he doesn't see it coming back.


"It was such a giant task of getting it started. Getting insurance is a gigantic hurdle, even just getting a ring was a lot of work," Storm said. "I don't know if I have the desire to do that much work again. And I stopped doing it primarily because I'm a hands-on teacher." 

Storm has often been praised for his coaching ability. His methods of taking every single move that he teaches are one of the reasons for that, which he did no matter what was being taught.

"I'm really good at protecting myself. So all right, we're doing DDTs today, I'm going to make sure you're doing it right, DDT me first," he said. "We're doing suplexes, suplex me first. If you don't hurt me, and I feel like you're competent, you can give it to the rest of the students."


Storm admitted that having a match with every student he taught was taking a physical toll on his body, even more so than his own in-ring career. However, he did relish the producing and teaching aspect, which is something he still gets to do in his current role as a producer with Impact Wrestling.

"So I suspect I will stay with Impact for an extended period of time because I love the atmosphere and the talent there and very much enjoy the schedule," Storm said.

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